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TOUCHDOWN SILENTKNIGHTS72-yd touchdown run (extra point missed) – Eagle Eyes 30, Silentknights 30 (QTR4, 14:48)

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Prussian Warriors

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Cup final: Warriors win Go-4-9 Cup (1 January 2013)

The Prussian Warriors are the new QFL Cup holders beating the Moderate Drinkers 10-6 in a thrilling QFL Go-4-9 Cup final in which every possession ended with points. The Drinkers had one hand on the cup taking a 6-5 lead with only 2:36 minutes left to play in the 15-minute regulation but the Warriors struck back and scored on a 35-yd field-goal attempt with 12 seconds left to play. The ... [Read]

Cup game: Warriors reach Go-4-9 Cup final (28 November 2012)

The Prussian Warriors had two long TD plays to beat silentsound's Silentknights prematurely and earn a spot in the first ever QFL Go-4-9 Cup. After 10:48 minutes of play, the Warriors exceeded the 9-point mark with a 59-yd TD pass. Also, their RB contributed with a long TD finishing the opening drive with 65-yd home run. In between, the Silentknights managed only one new first down ... [Read]

Cup game: Warriors reach Go-4-9 Cup semis (22 November 2012)

The Dicey Beasts heavily outgained the Prussian Warriors 120-45 yds but that wasn't good enough to make it to the semis on the Warriors' expense. Both teams struggled to move the football until the Warriors covered 46 yds with six plays to reach the Beasts' 21-yd line before their kicker let the ball split the uprights from 39 yds out with only 1:36 left in the 15-minute ... [Read]

QFL Go-4-9 Cup about to start (30 October 2012)

The QFL is about to launch the Go-4-9 Cup as the second competition of the QFL Cup Series. In the Go-4-9 Cup, a game will be over as soon as a team has scored 9 points. If no team scores 9 points, a game will be over at the 15-minute mark. In case of a tie, play continues until the next score. In absence of current QFL Cup holders duffeldoffel's Reds, eight teams will compete to take ... [Read]

Cup game: Independent Buvag's Lawyers go to the SDC semis (5 October 2012)

After three minutes of play, their kicker converted from 39 yds out to lift independent Buvag's Lawyers past the Prussian Warriors to go to the QFL Sudden-Death Cup semifinals. The Gothic Champions won the toss and started from their own 20 but they lost 2 yds on three plays and had to punt early. Their punt netted only 18 yds giving the Lawyers the ball at the Warriors' ... [Read]
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