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TOUCHDOWN SILENTKNIGHTS72-yd touchdown run (extra point missed) – Eagle Eyes 30, Silentknights 30 (QTR4, 14:48)

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Prussian Warriors

Cup game: Independent Buvag's Lawyers go to the SDC semis (5 October 2012)

SDC I - QF: Prussian Warriors 0, Buvag's Lawyers 3 (Final/3:00)

After three minutes of play, their kicker converted from 39 yds out to lift independent Buvag's Lawyers past the Prussian Warriors to go to the QFL Sudden-Death Cup semifinals.

The Gothic Champions won the toss and started from their own 20 but they lost 2 yds on three plays and had to punt early. Their punt netted only 18 yds giving the Lawyers the ball at the Warriors' 36.

After a penalty, the Lawyers' RB ran 25 yds on a draw play to give his team a new set of downs at the Warriors 16.

The Lawyers sent out their kicking unit on first down and tried a fake pass but they lost 5 yds on the play. On the next play, they turned conservative and let their kicker win the game.

In the semis, the Lawyers will host igorz malfunxionistz.

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