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TOUCHDOWN SILENTKNIGHTS72-yd touchdown run (extra point missed) – Eagle Eyes 30, Silentknights 30 (QTR4, 14:48)

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Prussian Warriors

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QFL Sudden-Death Cup I is under way (2 October 2012)

The QFL has launched its first cup competition. The QFL Sudden-Death Cup is a secondary competition taking place alongside the normal league business. Eight teams have entered the first of hopefully many cup competitions to come, among them six QFL franchises and two independent teams (Buvag's Lawyers and Niners Sparrows). After the deadline expired at noon today, a draw was held to ... [Read]

League reschedules weeks 5 and 6 (24 September 2012)

The league has decided to reschedule the final two weeks of the regular season. The games of week 5 and week 6 have been switched so the games originally scheduled for week 5 become the regular-season finales. These steps have been taken to enable frontmodes Kobras and zugschefz dieselz to play their regular-season game at the breakdown dome as one of the highlights of the ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Safety first at The Summit (18 September 2012)

Not a single touchdown was scored at the eagerly awaited clash of last season's title winners. Still, noone can say that both teams never found the end zone... duffeldoffel's Reds (4-0) scored no fewer than three safeties and the Prussian Warriors (2-2) added another one as the reigning Fever Bowl champions beat the Gothic Division champions by a score of 21-5 at the Olympic ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Warriors win streak ends on the road (27 June 2012)

The Prussian Warriors' (2-1) seven-game regular-season win streak ended at the Green Dungeon where they lost 44-26 to the Dicey Beasts (2-1). It was the very first loss in a road game for the reigning Gothic Division champions and their first regular-season defeat since last season's opener. The Warriors opened the score when the Beasts had to punt after going three-and-out with ... [Read]

Regular-season game: Warriors win in QFL-record comeback fashion (7 January 2012)

The Prussian Warriors (2-0) made up an early 17-point deficit before halftime and scored 29 unanswered points en route to a 32-24 victory over frontmodes Kobras (0-2). The Warriors' RBs ran for 239 yds and a score and their QB threw for 192 yds and a pair of TDs contributing to the reigning Gothic Division champions' seventh regular-season win in a row. The Kobras' QB ... [Read]
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Team profile | news | schedule | seasonal stats | game stats | head-to-head | team records