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TOUCHDOWN SILENTKNIGHTS72-yd touchdown run (extra point missed) – Eagle Eyes 30, Silentknights 30 (QTR4, 14:48)

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silentsound's Silentknights

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QFL announce schedule (23 May 2024)

The QFL have announced the regular-season schedule for their upcoming sixth season. The opening game will be a rematch of the Fever Bowl with World Champions silentsound's Silentknights (4-3) hosting the Eagle Eyes (5-1). For Eyes' coach the_hawk, this game will pose an opportunity to make amends for the disappointing championship game against the 'Knights who lost ... [Read]

Season VI structures and regulations (22 May 2024)

Almost 15 years after its launch, the QFL is about to enter its sixth season - no NFL rival league has lasted this long. Eight teams will compete for the Bill Walsh Trophy, increasing the number of participants for the first time since Season III. The teams are divided into two divisions as follows: Northern Divisionsilentsound's Silentknightsfrontmodes KobrasPrussian ... [Read]

Season recap: From zero to hero (25 March 2024)

QFL Season V kickoff on 27 October 2022 and ended on 25 March 2024 with silentsound's Silentknights beating the Eagle Eyes in Fever Bowl V, thus completing an unprecedented Cinderella story. With approximately 17 months, their fifth campaign had been the quickest in the history of arguably the world's most important league of Football Fever thus far. Part of the reason for this ... [Read]

Fever Bowl: Cinderella 'Knights upset Eagle Eyes (25 March 2024)

silentsound's Silentknights are the new QFL World Champions after upsetting the Eagle Eyes 33-11 at Fever Bowl V, completing a true Cinderella story. The 'Knights (4-3) had lost all of their first three games of the season, including a 33-23 loss to the Eagle Eyes at home in week 2, and needed multiple help from other teams to win the Northern Division and book their trip to the ... [Read]

QFL announces Bowl venues (1 November 2023)

The QFL have announced that the Snakepit Arena, home of frontmodes Kobras, will be hosting Fever Bowl V. Accordingly, refereeing duties have been awarded to frontmode. Even though the final game of the regular season is still under way, both Division champions have already been identified by the results of the other two regular-season finales. Northern champions silentsound's ... [Read]
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Team profile | news | schedule | seasonal stats | game stats | head-to-head | team records