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TOUCHDOWN SILENTKNIGHTS72-yd touchdown run (extra point missed) – Eagle Eyes 30, Silentknights 30 (QTR4, 14:48)

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Kickoff: 6 February 2012 - End of game: 5 March 2012
Season II: Week 3
Season II: Week 3: Moderate Drinkers at frontmodes Kobras
Coaches: Uwe#8 (DRI) – frontmode (KOB)
Virtual venue: Snakepit Arena – Referee: igor


Cheers to the Drinkers' first win

The Moderate Drinkers (1-2) registered their first win in franchise history defeating frontmodes Kobras (0-3) 31-14 at the Snakepit Arena.

The Drinkers' QB threw for 206 yds and a stunning TD, their RBs ran for two scores and their defense added another one as the expansion Drinkers revived their campaign at the expense of the hosts who have lost four straight games including last season's regular-season finale.

The Kobras capped their opening 72-yd drive with a 21-yd TD run to open the score in the middle of the first quarter but the Drinkers dominated the rest of the first half. While the Drinkers scored on TD runs for 9 and 8 yds and a 39-yd FG, the Kobras failed to register another first down with their next five possession.

Still, the Kobras had a chance to go into the locker room with a managable 10-point deficit and probably would have done so, had they decided to punt on a 4th-and-7 from their own 49 with 24 seconds left in the first half. But they turned the ball over on downs when their RB was stopped for a short loss.

The Drinkers' QB then threw a deep pass to the sideline which fell incomplete with no time left. But a defensive-offside call gave the Drinkers an untimed down to finish the first half. From the Kobras' 43, the QB threw a hail-mary pass which was caught by a receiver at the 4-yd line. Somehow, he managed to turn around and plunge into the endzone to give his team a 24-7 halftime lead.

The Kobras never gave up and had a chance to start a comeback when they blocked and recovered a punt deep inside Drinkers' territory and scored on the very next play. But their next possession started with two plays for a combined loss of 18 yds followed by a lost fumble returned for the Drinkers' final TD.

After having a league-high 22 enforced penalties during the first two weeks of the season, the Drinkers got no flags at all.

At 1-2, the Drinkers still have a mountain to climb to make it to the playoffs. But for the winless Kobras, the playoff dream is all but over by halftime of the season.