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Live QFL scores

Week 1
Live! – QTR2, 2:24

Week 1
Live! – QTR2, 9:12

Week 1
Live! – QTR1, 11:48

Week 1
Live! – QTR1, 14:24

About us

QFL - where the big dice play...

QFL - 49ers FanZone Football Fever League The QFL (Fortyniners FanZone Football Fever League => Quadruple-FL => QFL) is the Football Fever™ online league of the 49ers FanZone.

Football Fever™ is a football board game that was manufactured by Hansen, Inc. back in the 1980s. We have adjusted the rules of the game to fit the modern game of NFL football and found a way to play the game online.

The QFL games are played in the 49ers FanZone, the board community of, German-speaking Europe's #1 San Francisco 49ers fan project. The referee receives the play calls via Private Message on board, operates the Dice Roller and publishes the result of the play in the 49ers FanZone's Football Fever Zone.

Bill Walsh Trophy We take pride in being the first and only interregional, international and even intercontinental Football Fever™ league worldwide - at least as long as nobody proves us wrong - with teams located throughout all of Germany and Austr(al)ia *) plus one team in Asia.

Therefore, we honor our league champion as QFL World Champion of Football Fever™ with the Bill Walsh Trophy!

As a game usually takes a few weeks until it is finished, the regular season is limited to six games per team. Per conference, the two divisional champions plus one wild-card team will qualify for the playoffs. The season's climax will be the two conference champions facing each other at the QFL Fever Bowl.

In addition to the normal league business, we have introduced a variety of special-rules competitions, the QFL Cup Series, open not only for QFL franchises but also for independent teams run by any member of the 49ers FanZone.

The QFL is directed by:
Commissioner: Clemens Kaposi (igorz malfunxionistz)
Vice President: Jörn Radecke (duffeldoffel's Reds)

*) 49ers FanZone inside joke ;)

Disclosure in accordance with §25 Mediengesetz (Austrian media law) is an affiliate of

Clemens Kaposi, Bad Vigaun (A), webmaster (at) 49ersFanZone (dot) net
Jörn Radecke, Hannover (D), duffeldoffel (at) 49ersFanZone (dot) net

Design & graphic (except header banner, QFL logo, team logos and trophy):
Lukas Grumet,
Tobias Khilan

Purpose and content:
News and information on the 49ers FanZone Football Fever League (QFL).

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